Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Welcome to Food Mensch

I'm just a guy with an appetite. Since I travel around the world, I find great food in the strangest places. Sometimes I go to restaurants I read about. Sometimes serendipity leads me to wonderful food found on the back end of pickups. If you find yourself near a place I review, you might want to check out what I've found.

As we know, 5 star reviews often come with a high price. However, while we would like to think that we get what we pay for, that's often not the case. Sometimes the bill reflects decor and social status, rather than food. While my interest is in food, I'm not immune to aesthetics and comfort, and I am a people watcher as well as a food eater.

Frankly, though, when excellent food comes at an affordable price, I'm willing to overlook the other factors that are included in "eating out." Oh, and please remember that the reviews only represent my opinion on the day of my visit.

--the Food Mensch

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